featured: Phil Maguire “Defekt Fabrik”


One aspect of running this blog that I absolutely love is that it forces me to listen to new music by artists I hadn’t yet heard of. I’ve discovered so much great music this way! I hope you are, too, by exploring all the listings. My most recent mind-blower was this album by an English artist called Phil Maguire who runs the Verz Imprint label and concert series.

Now, for obvious reasons, I am especially interest in music made out of cassette tapes. There are plenty of people out there making interesting music out of those little plastic bastards. But I can’t say I’ve heard anything like Maguire’s “Defekt Fabrik” before. It’s raw and bloody and dense and just f’n exciting. I suppose I could do some research and learn more about the artist, and I probably will do that eventually, but right now I’m enjoying listening to it without contextual influence. The album was available as a cassette, but now that’s sold out… so the download is set to “pay-what-you=want”. Go hear it!