featured: Relay For Death “Natural Incapacity”


Nothing else sounds like Relay For Death‘s “Natural Incapacity”. I know, I know… hyperbolic nonsense, right? And yet, this double-CD has the same capacity to astonish with it’s out-of-nowhere incomprehensible originality as towering giants like Nerve Net Noise, Sukora, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock or Darksmith. I don’t really know how sisters Rachal & Roxann Spikula made this music or what their intent was, and I don’t want to know. Maybe there’s some overarching concept. I enjoy not knowing. Suffice it to say that “Natural Incapacity” floored me when I first heard it, continues to floor me whenever I have the guts to submit to it again, and multiple deep listens have not yielded any of its mysteries. Note that I haven’t mentioned what it sounds like… I wouldn’t dare attempt to. Just accept my full-throated recommendation.