featured: Normal Brain “Lady Maid”


Say, I’ll betcha didn’t know that a Swiss label with the self-evident and unnecessarily defensive name of We Release Whatever the Fuck We Want was about to reissue “Lady Maid”, the classic 1981 Vanity Records synth oddity by Yukio Fujimoto/Normal Brain. Maybe you already knew about that. But if you didn’t, well… now y’do.

Vanity Records was a short-lived label run by the late Yuzuru Agi, who was the editor of Rock Magazine. You can read about this guy’s place in Japanese music history in David Hopkins’ Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 A History and Guide. During its brief run from 1978 to 1981, Vanity produced some truly unclassifiable records and tapes of bedroom bloop by Tolerance, RNA Organism, Kiilo Radical, Mad Tea Party, Dada, Salaried Man Club, Perfect Mother… and other artists that (with the exception of Aunt Sally/Phew, Sympathy Nervous and out-of-place folkie Morio Agata) left behind only their Vanity album as evidence that they ever existed. Kinda shocked that it’s taken this long for someone to reissue this stuff (though there was a gray-area Tolerance LP some years ago).